Are you passionate about your passion in the right way?

Passion is the energy, the power to focus on what excites the inner self. It is what drives us to manifest our calibre. None among us wants to settle upon a life that is less than the one he or she is capable of living. And what empowers our mission to thrive in life, and not just survive, is the passion within.

Sometimes at a very young age, while sometimes when the hairs start turning grey, our passion knocks us hard to pursue activities that are self-defining, that breed satisfaction and that see energetic engagements.

But, researchers have noticed significant distinctive attributes in the manner how one pursues his passion. Not always are we passionate about our passion in the right way.

Dr. Vallerand reads out two different kinds of passion impacting people – harmonious and obsessive. Harmonious passion is characterized by autonomy and flexible persistence. It motivates you intrinsically to choose an activity, accommodate it among other life pursuits and enjoy positive emotions in its practice. While contrary to this, obsessive passion tends to control your life. You are practicing it just to please people around and outshine others. It is important to your self-esteem. Not being able to perform may create feelings of anxiety and guilt.

Quite surprisingly, all passions aren’t created equal. And therefore, while you are preparing to make one of your passions a source of your living, a staircase to fame and glamorous identity, consider asking yourself, “Will this keep me passionate about my art the same way ten years down the line, or will it modify itself into a monotonous routine I cannot avoid?”

Mastering goals to turn oneself better with practice is compatible with harmonious passion. But when this purpose becomes too enveloping, it becomes the fastest means to kill the energy, the zeal in the passion. Do not let your passion become all-absorbing. Let it be flexible, autonomous and enjoyable, without filling in the entire picture of your life.

So, next time when you scold yourself for not making out an hour to sit down to practice guitar, pause for a moment to ponder upon if it was really necessary. Let it keep you feeling alive. Let it remain the secret of your energy.

Hope to see you saying confidently, “I am passionate about my passion in the right way!”

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    Likes the text…its defines a lot…

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